Can I use my own Cable internet modem?

Requires at least a DOCSIS 3 8x4 modem (at least 8 bonded downstream channels and 4 bonded upstream channels), whose firmware version has been certified compatible by our last-mile partner. However, only 24x8 modems are upgradable to 150 Mbps on this platform.

Motorola (Upto. 20Mbps) SB6120
Motorola (Upto. 75Mbps) SB6141 Komodo_1.0.6.12
Huawei (Upto. 30Mbps) MT130U MT130UV100R001C01B072
Thomson (Upto. 75Mbps) DCM475 AC.02.51-131008-F-D.img
Hitron (Upto. 75Mbps) CGN-CWV CGN-CWV-
Hitron (Upto. 75Mbps) CDA-RES
Hitron (Upto. 150Mbps) CDA3-20
Technicolor (Upto. 75Mbps) TC4300 FC.01.01-141212-F-D.img
Technicolor (Upto. 150Mbps) TC4350 50041.1.19.0
SmartRG (Upto. 75Mbps) 804n
Technicolor (Upto. 150Mbps) DPC3848V dpc3800-v303r2042162-160620a

The modem customer serial number, MAC address and Model information will be required by our Agents to complete the activation. Once the order is placed, our Agents will reach out to you by phone and e-mail to collect these details within 24 business hours.
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