Returns and Exchanges

We're sorry to hear that your equipment requires an exchange, or return.  Although, we've tried to make this process as easy as possible at at no expense to you, our valued client.

Hardware Return :
A complimentary one-time return label will be provided for shipping all items together. Additional return labels will incur separate charges. It's essential to send all hardware and accessories in a single package. To request a free label contact us at 1 800 396 1023 or by live chat at

For Rental Modems/Receivers:
a} Return the hardware, stop rental payments, and receive a refund for security deposit, adjusted for missing accessories (if any)
b) Keep the hardware, pay the remaining balance in one payment, and adjust the security deposit to the hardware purchase invoice.

For other equipment, kindly return it within 30 days using the provided label. Failure to return within 30 days, or if damaged/missing parts, may result in charges equal to the full retail price. Additional taxes may apply, with collected deposits first applied to outstanding charges. Outstanding charges need to be clear within 45 days of cancelation or else the account will be sent to collections

To review the cancellation and refund policy in full, click here .

Kindly note, a $25 modem restocking fee applies to customer owned and purchased equipment, unless the unit is being exchanged within the warranty period of either 90 day(s) for refurbished or 365 day(s) for new equipment. Modem security deposits are returned within 7 business day(s) from the modem being returned to our warehouse. This allows time for testing the equipment to ensure the state of the equipment is in good, working condition for the next subscriber. Security Deposits may not be refunded if the device is not in good, working condition. This includes cosmestic damange and/or missing cables from when the device was provided to you. 

EquipmentHardware Brand/ModelRetail Price
Cable Modem Hitron CGN-CWV $68.00
Cable Modem Hitron CDA3-35 $99.99
Cable Modem Hitron CODA-45 $148.00
Cable Modem Hitron CGNM-3550 $168.00
Cable Modem Motorola SB6141 $68.00
Cable Modem Cisco DPC 3848V $98.00
Cable Modem Serecomm DM1000 $148.00
Fiber Modem Actiontec T3200 WIFI (Fibre) $300.00
vDSL Modem SmartRG 516AC WIFI (VDSL) $144.00
TV Set Top Box TV STB and remote controller $168.00
1 Line Phone adapter Grandstream HT-801 $69
2 Line Phone adapter Grandstream HT-812 $69
WIFI Mesh router Vilo WIFI Mesh router $49.00
Skyroam wireless router Skyroam Solis 1 cellular WIFI router $98.00


AccessoriesRetail Price
Coaxial Cable for cable Modem $16.00
RJ-11 Cable for VoIP phone adapter $3.00
CAT5 Ethernet Cable for Modem/Vilo/TV STB $6.50
Power Adapter for Modem/vilo/Tv box $25.00
HDMI Cable for CipherTV STB $13.00
TV bar Holder for CipherTV STB $6.50
TV bar retail color box for CipherTV STB $6.50
RCA/RYW cable for CipherTV STB $6.50
CipherTV IR Remote for CipherTV STB $5.15
TV bar Air Mouse and Dongle for CipherTV STB $28.95

For terms and conditions, please click here.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team by calling 1 (800) 396-1023 option 3, or by e-mailing [email protected].

Our team is happy to help, as always!

Thank you

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