The company pledges to invest over $10 million on the network over the next five years.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 21, 2022 / -- The developers of GETUS Communications Ltd. are pleased to announce the official launch of their high-tech, rocket-fast optimized Internet service in Western Canada.

GETUS is a low-cost, coast-to-coast Internet Service Provider that offers unlimited Internet, TV, and phone service at some of the lowest price points in the Canadian marketplace. The company launched with a simple mission to provide Canadians with affordable telecommunication products and services, while fostering choice and competition in a market dominated by a select few. In addition – GETUS provides this service without the need of a contract or credit check, unlike the “Big Guys” who are massive phone and cable companies, such as Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Cogeco, and others.

Today, GETUS is announcing the official release of its rocket-fast optimized network in Canada. This ground-breaking service is anticipated to be so popular among Canadian citizens that the company is pledging to invest over $10 million on this network over the next five years. The funding is meant to support continued network subscriber additions, client household and business needs/wants, and network capacity demands.

“We are so excited to have launched a brand-new network that both existing, as well soon-to-be clients, will enjoy - reaching almost every urban city within Western Canada,” says founder and CEO of GETUS, Tanner Gettis. “The new network is better optimized for our TV and Phone service, allowing a better experience at the same affordable, non-introductory gotcha rates. Not only that, but we will also soon be able to offer future speeds beyond 1-gigabit (1000Mbps). By choosing us - you’re choosing to GETUS. Don’t Get Got - GETUS.”

Through GETUS’ new service, clients will experience a host of benefits, including:

• Unlimited data without shock of data overage bills
• Exceptional ROI savings tool of up to $600/year, just by switching
• Lightning-fast speeds
• Superior customer service
• And more!

For more information about GETUS, or to register, please visit


Founded in November 2015 by CEO Tanner Gettis, GETUS is Canada’s rising star as a low-cost, rocket-fast, coast-to-coast Internet Service Provider. The service operates through third party-internet-access, which is regulated wholesale access by the “Big Guys,” the Canadian Government, and the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission). According to Gettis, the “Big Guys” are forced to allow Independents to operate on the very same networks; networks that have been heavily subsidized through Governments grants and taxpayers at a reduced rate than retail – known as Wholesale allowing GETUS and other Independents to offer their own retail for similar services – such as Internet, TV, and Phone.

To date, the company has amassed hundreds to thousands of clients in almost every province in the country.

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

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